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Who we are

The Last Machine is a hands-on guide to leading edge hardware.

We're living in the most productive time in history for inventors. Crowdfunding, the internet, Raspberry Pi, and the availability of low-cost manufacturing has set the stage for inventors to pursue world-changing ideas.

By testing products in and out of their intended environments, at the earliest stage in their adoption, this blog attempts to call-out innovation that's daring and well executed. 

The Last Machine is written and curated by Gary Gurevich, with additional brainpower from Nate Feder, and is edited by Betty Ho


Gary admires the daring of entrepreneurs who tap into crowdfunding to solve intractable problems, or to bring something magical into existence. When he stumbles onto an project attempting to move the world forward 10 years in one leap, he wants to write about it. 

Not an inventor, but an operations guy with experience as an early-stage employee of a consumer electronics startup, Gary has an informed view of what it takes to successfully design, manufacture and ship ambitious hardware. 


Product Manager, world traveler, lover of photography, climbing and all things tech. I really enjoy learning about how peoples inspirations have evolved into products. We all come from different backgrounds, and I enjoy that story. The creative process, the struggles, the success stories and the failures are all great perspective. I am here to tell those stories.